Cesar Salad 25 E

Classic beef carpaccio 23

Tuna Tartare with orage and lime 26

Bufala, pata negra 21

Tahitian Sea Bream tartare 26

Vegan avocado salad, green Asparagus, lemon verbena 24 E








Tears of the tigers, Angus Beef Tenderloin 32 E

Châteaubriant Angus Meat with french fries (for two person) 90

Beef Angus Tagliata, Parmesan, Basil coulis and Rucola 32

Truffle Burger Z (Luxembourgish meat) 29

Pastrami Bagel and French Fries 29 E

Beef Steak (Limousin Beef) 29

Black Angus Tataki, spicy caramel on a bed of Noodles 28 E

Yakitori Chicken with 3 flavors 26 3

Creamy Risotto, Parmesan and Pata Negra 27








Fajitas Chicken 28

Fajitas Beef Black Angus 30

Fajitas Beef Black Angus et Chicken 29

Fajitas Salmon 29

Fajitas Veggie 24







Smoked Salmon Bagel 29 E

Sea bass fish & chips home-made 27 

Grilled sea bream fillet  27







Linguine with Tomato, Mozzarella and Parmesan 22

​California Vegetable Burger 28 E

Bagel Veggie : Avocado, Tomato, Salad, Fried onions, cream cheese, chives 22 E

Fajitas Veggie 24


Vegetarian nem 17,50


Crispy Prawns 19,50


Big Charcuterie and cheese board  62,00


Pastrami Bagel and French Fries 29 


Smoked Salmon Bagel 29 



French Fries with béarnaise sauce 12,00


Classical Club sandwich, french fries 19,50



L’assiette de Pata Negra Tradition 

como salou 27,50



The charcuterie board, cheese or mixed 20,50



Two colors Nachos gratinated and cheddar sauce 19,50


Tempura of Green beans or Bell pepper with Cajun 13,50


Guacamole with duo of  Tortillas Chips 19,50


Breaded Mozzarella stick with Mediterranean flavor 19,00 

E :Dishes available for take-out and delivery downtown area